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Our item delivery comes with a 15 minute porch visit and a keepsake to remember the princess by! Our in-stock items vary, so please check that we have the item you're wanting prior to booking this package!

Our items vary princess-to-princess, but we're usually happy to accommodate a switch! Some of our delivery items include a handmade custom bat plush, a stingray plush, a chameleon, a pumpkin, an enchanted rose, a glass slipper, and the list goes on!

Because of the limited time the princess has with the little one, our princess friend has structured the visit to include meet and greets, the item delivery, story time, and unlimited photo opportunities! 

Three things are required to reserve your party:

  1. The completed Parent Contract
  2. How you'd like your party to be structured - we will help!
  3. The Non-Refundable Deposit, due at the time of booking to reserve your spot!

We do not offer refunds on the deposit; however, we do allow adjustment of the party date up to 48 hours prior to the booked party time! We understand that life happens, and have this policy in place to keep our business running and our clients happy.

If your child has any dietary restrictions or special needs, please let us know prior to the party so our princess friends can accommodate and make your party magical! 

We can't wait to make your day special!